Paper Outlining the Scientific Study of Financing Prevention

Prevention advocates often make the case that preventive intervention not only improves public health and welfare but also can save public resources. Increasingly, evidence-based policy efforts considering prevention are focusing on how programs can save taxpayer resources

from reduced burden on health, criminal justice, and social service systems. Evidence of prevention’s return has begun to draw substantial investments from the public and private sectors. Yet, translating prevention effectiveness into economic impact requires specific economic analyses to be employed across the stages of translational research. This work, published this month in Translational Behavioral Medicine, discusses the role of economic analysis in prevention science and presents key translational research opportunities to meet growing demand for estimates of prevention’s economic and fiscal impact.

Crowley, D. M., & Jones, D. Financing prevention: opportunities for economic analysis across the translational research cycle. Translational Behavioral Medicine, 1-8.

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