Workshop on Economic Evaluation of Prevention Held at the 2011 Society for Prevention Research

PEPR founders Laura Hill (Washington State University) & Max Crowley (Penn State University) recently organized a preconference workshop at the Society for Prevention Research's 19th annual conference in Washington, DC. Steve Aos (Washington State Institute for Public Policy) and Brian Yates (American University) introduced attendees to economic analysis of prevention programs. Participants learned alternative strategies for modeling, evaluating, managing, and systematically improving the cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit, and cost-utility of health and human services. In addition, participants were introduced to a cutting edge benefit-cost software developed by Steve Aos and the Washington State Institute for Public Policy (funded by the MacArthur Foundation). The National Insitute of Drug Abuse's Division of Epidimiology, Servicse and Prevention Research funded multiple travel grants to support early career researchers.

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