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Learn More about PEPR Research on Substance Abuse Prevention


Welcome to the Prevention Economics Planning and Research (PEPR) Program

Thank you for visiting the PEPR Program website. The PEPR Program is directed by Dr. Max Crowley and part of the PSU Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center. Research conducted as part of the PEPR program sits at the intersection of human development, public finance and social policy. The PEPR Program aims to build the science of investing in healthy development working closely with partners within and outside Penn State. In particular, the PEPR Program supports the PEPR Network, providing key resources and infrastructure.


Research within the PEPR Program is generally focused on developing and evaluating approaches to prevent illness and criminal behavior through evidence-based investments in childhood and adolescence. This work includes (1) strengthening economic evaluations of preventive interventions, (2) facilitating evidence-based policy-making through strategic investments in preventive services, and (3) evaluating the utility of performance-based financing to access new resources for improving health. Our research utilizes advanced analytic designs, administrative data and technological solutions in an effort optimize preventive strategies. Examples of PEPR projects can be found here.


The PEPR Program is accepting graduate students for the 2017-2018 academic calendar through the Department of Human Development and Family Studies PhD program. Apply here.