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Study: Well-behaved Kindergartners Become Successful Adults (Caitlin Emma)

Parents Shocked to Learn Children are Abusing Over the Counter Drugs (Diane Wilson)

Teaching Social Skills to Improve Grades and Lives (David Bornstein)

Socially Competent Kindergarteners Have Better Outcomes Later In Life (Sarah Hedgecock)

Want your kids to go to college and get a job? Make sure they learn how to share in kindergarten (Emma Brown)

Nice Kids Finish First: Study Finds Social Skills Can Predict Future Success (Shankar Vedantam)

Stow the flash cards mom and dad: Social skills better for your kids (Liz Szabo)

Kindergarteners with good social skills turn into successful adults, study finds (Judy Woodruff)

This Trait Can Predict If A 5-Year-Old Will Grow Up to Be A Successful Adult (Carolyn Gregoire)

Social Competence' in Kindergartners Linked to Adult Success (Christina Samuels)

Study: Behavior in kindergarten linked to adult success (Kelly Wallace)

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